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Today I decided to write an article about his work. The workplace of the artist - what it looks like, what it consists of?

I do not know how other artists work place to rehabilitate them, but I have at hand all the bare necessities so as not to distract the look and not extraneous thoughts were born during the creation of paintings. Indeed, during the painting you are completely immersed in the internal atmosphere of the story that you want to transfer to canvas. Do you live entirely in the whole emotions and experiences of this picture. And if at the time the pictures look constantly "clings" on objects, then there are extraneous thoughts that interfere with dive fully into the story that you want to remember on the canvas.

So what am I :-) .... and, yes, the job of the artist. That's actually it is - my workplace.

my workplace

As you can see - everything is very simple and nothing more.
Since the distance is not everything is very well seen, so we come closer and take pictures of the artist a bigger job.


This is my desktop. As you can see it settled creative mess :-)

This is my desktop. As you can see it settled creative mess :-)

Central to the desktop is a special plastic for mixing oil paints, palette knife. Earlier this place was an ordinary glass, painted on the underside of the white ground. But the glass is cracked and broke in the summer plein air artists. Sorry, it served me reliably for more than 5 years.

Take pictures of some of the larger work of the artist was.

it's tubes of oil paint

In this picture, in fact, without which there would not be my oil paintings - it's tubes of oil paint. Nearby, in the blue box, lay button to attach the canvas (slack) to the plywood on the wall. One time it happened, I'm writing a picture on the canvas slack, which is completely manufactured by himself. I feel so comfortable and write, and then dry the canvas in a special oven. But this is a great topic for a new article, so go ahead.

In the blue bottle poured white spirit. Them from unnecessary oil paint I wipe my hands after work, workers, and white plastic palette knife, which mix the paint.


View these rags are not very presentable :-)

On the left side of the desktop, I found rags, with which I remove unwanted paint from the palette knife and white plastic for mixing paints. View these rags are not very presentable :-)

brushes, scissors, pencil and a simple knife

Further, in the glass are my tools: brushes, scissors, pencil and a simple knife. I have only three palette knife, and I work mostly with only two (medium and small).
Oh, you're my favorite palette knifes :-)

Go ahead, rather below the bank is under the table (from the cake in my opinion) with used tubes of paint.

used tubes of paint

When you create a palette knife painting takes a lot of oil paint, as the volumetric strokes, thick and generous. So this jar is filled with fast :-)

example fragment of a painting

Here is an example fragment of a
painting that I put on the auction. You can see the thickness of the oil layer.

I have only show the rack with my paintings:

my paintings

And the frames, which I bought for the new is not stretched on a frame of paintings:



That actually came to an end my tour of the artist's workplace.

If you have interesting thoughts about the painting - you can send and share. I think it will be interesting to all.

P.S. The article is almost ready :-) It remains to put a link to a painting that is exposed to a popular auction  :-)

I would be glad if you appreciate and comment on this article.


Palette knife painting. Rybakow Fine Art Gallery.

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landscape oil painting Sunny day in Saveyki 247. пейзаж Солнечный день в Савейках 247.


oil painting Early morning 241. картина Раннее утро 241.


landscape oil painting Barn at the family estate Raton Tadeusz in Saveyky 246. пейзаж Гумно в родовом имении Тадеуша Рэйтона в Савейках 246.


oil painting Sea fog 240. пейзаж Морской туман 240.


landscape oil painting Alley in the family estate in Raton Tadeusz Saveyki 245. пейзаж Аллея в родовом имении Тадеуша Рэйтона в Савейках 245.


landscape oil painting Belarusian Nature 244. пейзаж Белорусская природа 244.


landscape oil painting Courtyard in greenery 243. пейзаж Дворик в зелени 243.


landscape oil painting Lone Lantern 242. пейзаж Одинокий фонарь 242.


Road through forest 239 - rural landscape oil painting




Старый город. Вечер 231  Гумно в Савейках  Одинокий фонарь 242 Одиночество 210 Солнечный день в Савейках Дорога к храму. На берегу большого города 191 Ночной парк 174 ДОРОГА ЧЕРЕЗ ЛЕС 239 Святой сон 202 Уютный деревенский вечер Осенний лес 217 Одиночество в ночи 222 Аллея в Савейках 245 Летний лес 235 Дворик в зелени 243 Раннее утро 241 Белорусская природа 244 Лето 237 Золотой лес 232 Прогулка вдоль озера 234 Улочка 224 Рассвет в горах 227 Дорога в лесу 228 Туман 223 Симфония осени 211 Прогулка но ночному городу 118 Летний дворик 198 Осенний день 218 Старый сарай 196 Закат 180 Цветочная поляна в горах 206 Небо над полем 166 Тучи над полем 171 Осеннее поле 162 Осенняя природа 148 Осенняя природа 152 Осенняя аллея 154 Вечерний поход в театр 137 Осенний лес 143 Солнечный лес 219 Одиночество 199 Вечер 172 Огород 195 Лес 164 Через лес 142 Осенняя дорожка 149 Золотая АЛЛЕЯ 10 Опушка леса 147

Дорога в осеннем лесу 145 Осень 157 Городской вечер 161 Деревенский туман 163 Золотая осень 158 Золотая осень 155 Ночная улица 114 Вечерний дворик 131 Осень аллея 153 Зеленая аллея 30

Осень у речки 168 Ночной парк 177 Дорожка через лес 167 Русское поле 169 Лес 221


Свежие цветы 212 Желтый закат с цветами 173 Воспоминания о лете 209 Синий виноград 197 Закат над цветочной поляной 207 Нежный букет цветов в вазе 182 Поляна цветов 110 Ваза цветов с огорода 179 Нежные цветы 208 Букет свежих цветов 183 Красные цветы на черном 181 Импрессионистические цветы 140Поле летних цветов 112 Цветы 129 Импрессионистический букет 128 Абстрактные цветы на синем фоне 109 Веселый букет цветов 108


Императрица Екатерина Великая Император всероссийский царь Александр 2Царь Николай 1Император всероссийский царь Петр 2Император царь Павел 1Император всероссийский царь Александр 1


Обратно в СССР 13 Король А Бабушка Старик Старость 14


У стены 43 В красном 35 Сексуальное желание 42 У свечи 44 Боксер 37 Амазонка 38 Красный ШАРФ 40 Бодибилдер 36


Прибережный туман 240 Мостик в небо 238 Край 226 Закат над озером 229 Рыбалка на озере ЛИ (Китай) Вдали от суеты большого города 233 Домик у речки на закате 213 Спокойная рыбалка в тумане 220

Нежное утро, рассвет над озером 225 Красивый закат над озером. Вечер 216 Осенняя вода 170 Абстрактная Венеция 29 Вечерняя морская прогулка 204 Разноцветная Венеция 150 Рыбалка 146 Венеция 144

Туман 160 Дом в лесу у озера 31 Летний морской закат 76 Осенняя тишина 96 Озеро на восходе солнца 165 Перед штормом на море 2 Три лодки 121

Абстрактная природа 60 Абстрактная луна 26 Мост 230 Природа-МАТЬ 2 Рождение рассвета 4 Абстрактные цветы 25 Полет кубов 27 Природа-МАТЬ 3 Абстрактная НОЧЬ Абстрактные цветы 23

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