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Hi friends! My name is Valery Rybakow. I am artist. I invite you to my palette knife oil paintings Art Gallery.

My oil paintings - this is my job, my hobby, my life.

I generously share in each of his original palette knife painting of beauty and freshness of nature.

I can confidently tell their oil painting - exclusive and original.

Only the original palette knife paintings on canvas directly from the studio of artist Valery Rybakow!

Each of my original painting made with oil and palette knife on canvas. In each painting of canvas I put a bright and positive emotions that make the painting original and exclusive.

More than 30 countries worldwide (Russia, Ukraine, United States, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Brunei-Darusalam) - happy buyers of these countries have already appreciated the original vivid painting artist Valery Rybakow.

I get a lot of wonderful and sincere reviews of my work all over the world, and I understand that I have found my purpose in life, I found my way.

The gallery features many different genres:

MY GALLERY ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS - is more than 575 exclusive oil paintings made by the heart and soul of the artist.

 In addition to gallery you can read an interesting ART-ARTICLES about the original paintings, and the lessons

 How to paint palette knife oil paintings.

Positive and exclusive original oil painting by the artist Valery Rybakow, decorate your lovely home, or perfectly suited as an exclusive gift a loved one.

If a original painting sold - you can easy to find similar to a palette knife paintings gallery of the artist.

I am happy to share with you my dear friends for exclusive original palette knife oil paintings.


Let these paintings will bring you joy, health and happiness!


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May 2017 - Now Oil Painting - НОВЫЕ КАРТИНЫ МАСЛОМ


Portrait drawing

Portrait drawing pencil, portrait drawing girl, portrait drawing man

Of the new ♀ Free variation on the theme of Women's feelings. Size: 63x42cm charcoal pencil on watercolor paper. The artist Valery Rybakow.

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I got a painting. If "Solitude" was always so lovely as you in the painting, I think I would agree to become lonely :) Painting perfect, thank you very much!

Your mission - to make people happy, it's just . Please continue looking for the inspiration that you need and make more people happy - no matter how far they live from you.

Perfect should surround people and I'm not afraid to feel with all my heart and rejoice, as a child, looking at your creation. 'll Tell you honestly, at first I wanted to paint a painting of herself in this style - for yourself. But the longer you looked, the more convinced that it is THIS PAINTING I need. And I was not mistaken in its decision. You know, I have never made such gifts themselves - that would not be practical, but for the soul.. God willing, the painting will long to please the eye of many people, whom I often take home. Thank you for the fact that , without knowing it, you have not only paint in my house, but in my heart - I am very glad to meet you.

Sincerely low bow in deference to your hands and the rich inner world.

Thank you once again for that parted ways with one of the most beautiful of your works. Painting will not be ashamed of me , I really try!


Good day to you and warm greetings from Germany. Anna

Valery, thank you heartily! I did not expect to be able to see this wonderful clearing so soon! Son made a gift). Gorgeous painting, it really close to me and probably "waiting" me ... Thank you! Now it will always delight us with its warmth!

Let on your way there will be more people with sensitive kind heart, close to you in spirit, all the best and most importantly, ... health, both physical and spiritual you and all your loved ones.


Sincerely Lada



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